Jesus Fraternity

Jesus Fraternity,an inspiring as well as challenging lifestyle, is the spiritual child of St. Thomas Apostolic seminary,Vadavathoor. This life style carries the love and mercy of Jesus to the least, last and the lost, especially the prisoners. Be a love Bomb, let it be exploded, not to kill but to heal the broken hearts. these words express the clear spirit of Jesus Fraternity.
Jesus Fraternity, also known as Prison Ministry of India, is a national organization approved and guided by CBCI. It has the origin in the prayer meeting of students of Vadavathoor Seminary. This prayer fellowship became an organisation on 29th January 1986. Later, on 9th September 1989, the Justice, Peace and Development Commission of the KCBC approved this as a Church organisation. It also has a formal approval and registration as a charitable organization under the Charitable Institution Act of the government of Kerala.
Jesus Fraternity focuses its attention on the correction, reformation and rehabilitation of those in prison and the welfare and integral development of their children and families. It also attempts to orient in service to prevent the potential criminal and delinquents. At present it has been operating in all the Central prisons and jails in Kerala offering various religious and non-religious service to all categories of people, irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and colour. Now, the organization has forty six units to serve those who are already in prison. Along with this, the organization tries to help those prisoners who already released, thorough an immediate programme of rehabilitation through ten centres across the state.
At present Fr. Anto Cheranthuruthy is the director of Jesus Fraternity Vadavathoor unit. Empowered by power, members of Jesus Fraternity often visit prisons and conduct cultural programmes. Along with this, the catholic inmates are provided with the opportunity to attend the Holy Mass and approach the sacrament of reconciliation.