Music is indeed a sublime medium to converse with divinity. It turns rhythmic the whispers and sighs of the mind, lubricates an aching heart, and directs a thirsty soul to a heavenly equanimity.
The students themselves compose music and select hymns from a variety of sources for the Holy Celebrations. Psalm competition, a holy tradition of the seminary, offers a golden opportunity for the students to develop their talents in music. A particular portion of the book of the psalm is given to the students for the competition. It is for them convert it into melodious hymn.
Choristers are selected to the choir by a two-step audition. The selected competitor in the primary step will be tested with a classical piece for the final selection. The strength of the Santhom choir keeps around sixty.
Santhom choir members train students in liturgical and Karnatic music. It entails programme for the purpose of building up skills in instrumental music as well. A two hour-long orchestration conducted annually, is an exhilarating experience.
Rev. Dr. Jose Puthiyaparampil directs Santhom choir and he is assisted by an auxiliary body comprising two choirmasters. Choir groups from different batches add dynamism to the mellifluous tones of Santhom choir. Under the auspices of proficient director and masters Santhom Choir takes wing to soar up the heights of Music.