The gift of life- animal life, plant life and above all human life- is the most beautiful reality in this universe. The bio-diversity in the created world is always a wonder and an attraction for all of us. It is only with a sense of gratitude and responsibility that we can approach the gift of life. God almighty is the creator and the Lord of every form of life. We, the human beings, are only the custodians. We are always duty bound to uphold and protect the value of life in all its forms. St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary is proud of her ever challenging Pro-Life movement.
For the past twenty five years, this movement has been effectively engaging in conscientising the people to protect and serve the wonderful gift of life with its different and creative reach out programmes. This year also, we have a lot of programmes in connection with the pro-life activities. In this academic year (2014-2015), this movement was formally inaugurated by His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil on the feast of Dukhrana of St. Thomas the Apostle with the presentation of the new Logo. We are planning to have several activities like exhibitions, seminars, stage presentations, skits, leaflets, outreach programmes etc. for this year. At present, a team of brothers consisting of Rev. Bros. Joseph Pallichirayil, Philip Kochutharayil and Paulson Kaitharan under the direction of Rev. Fr. Dominic Vechoor, guides the Pro-Life programmes of the movement.