Reach out Social Groups

Reach out Social Group (ROS Group) started its activities in the year 2001 with the purpose of building up a healthy friendship or cooperation with those who live within two kilometers around the seminary. A friendly relationship is built up with the neighbours through the regular home visits made by brothers in small groups on every second Saturday. A half an hour prayer before the Blessed Sacrament precedes the home visits. This gives them the power and confidence to meet all types of people both rich and poor irrespective of religion and faith. This home visits remind everybody of the command of Jesus, the master: “Go your way; behold I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.” (Luke 10,3).
Seminarians go their way with the same spirit of the Word of God. They come back enriched like the disciples of Jesus returning to their master. The same evening they gather together in fifteen small groups and share their experiences with their Father Animators. The families they visit are supported not only with prayer but also with small financial help for those who are in real need, like the sick, the homeless, the poor students and the youngsters seeking jobs. The money for this help is raised by the seminarians through various activities like collection and sale of used papers and waste plastic, sale of diary, vegetable cultivation, fasting, donations etc. The purpose of all these activities is to prepare the seminarians to be good pastors for people like the good shepherd living for the sheep. ‘Suhrutsangamam’ the annual grand gathering of neighbours in the seminary campus is an event that the neighbours and the seminarians joyfully look forward to. Usually we have a gathering of nearly two thousand people attending this event. ROS group and its activities have become part and parcel of the seminary training.