Sports & Games

Sports and Games have an important role in the integral formation of priests. Since humans are composed of body and soul, their integral formation should aim at development of their bodily, intellectual and spiritual powers. Seminarians must acquire physical, rational and spiritual fitness through physical, intellectual and spiritual exercises. Physical exercise strengthens a person’s body and provides it speed and flexibility. Sports and games are immensely useful for a person to acquire courage in facing opposition and to develop skills in combining all the resources available to him towards the attainment of his goal. Frequent successes and failures in these competitions would gradually teach him how realistic he should be in celebrating victories and accepting defeats. They would also reveal to him what his strengths and limitations are. The Department of Sports and Games helps the seminarians to acquire physical fitness, emotional balance, and mental serenity by providing amble opportunities to participate in different types of sports and games as well as physical exercises. These qualities are indispensable for the future priest who has to move with enthusiasm, power, speed and flexibility to those places the Spirit of God would lead him. The Department of Sports and Games provides the following opportunities and programmes towards the attainment of these goals:

1. GAMES: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Shuttle-Badminton and Ball-Badminton are the games available to the seminarians. Well-maintained playgrounds and sufficient playing materials are at their disposal. Students can play in-door games such as table-tennis, caroms, chess and cards on the afternoons of Thursdays and Sundays.

2. GYM CLUB: A Fitness-Room consisting of Gymnastics and Weight-Lifting is at the disposal of those who are interested in body-building and physical fitness.

3. YOGA: In the first year philosophy itself seminarians are given a systematic training in Yoga, and certificates are issued to all those who successfully complete this course.

4. KARATE: Regular classes in Shoto-Kan-Karate are given in the Seminary itself and those who are interested in it could master this martial-art and obtain the Black-Belts.

5. SEMINARY TEAM: Good players are selected and special coaching is given to them in order to represent the seminary in Football, Volleyball and Basketball matches. Our teams participate in District Tournaments and play some friendly matches with different clubs and colleges.

6. INTER-SEMINARY MATCHES: Once in a year inter-seminary Volleyball and Basketball Matches are conducted with St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary Aluva. Every year we also conduct a Friendly Football Match with Mary Matha Seminary Trissur. The venue of these matches changes alternatively. These friendly matches are occasions for interactions and strengthening of friendships among the members of these institutions.

7. FESTIVAL OF ONAM: On the day of Onam we conduct some interesting competitions like Tug-of-War, Kalamthallal, Treasure-Hunting, etc.

8. HOME-DAY COMPETITIONS: In connection with our Home-Day Celebrations we conduct batch-wise competitions in all Indoor and Outdoor Games. These intensely fought matches strengthen unity among members of each batch and create occasions to test the genuineness of their sportsman-spirit.

9. SPORTS-DAY COMPETITIONS: Two days in November are set apart for track and field competitions. The whole seminary community will be divided into four Houses, namely, Red House, Blue House, Green House, and Yellow House. These competitions begin with a colourful Opening-Ceremony consisting of March-Past, Flag Hoisting, Torch-Bearing, etc. and conclude with a thrilling Marathon-Race.

All these programmes are organized by the Sports-Director and the General Captains. A Sports Committee consisting of representatives of the Teaching-Staff and the all the members of the Third Year Theology conducts the Sports-Day Competitions. The Department of Sports and Games functions smoothly with the guidance of the Rector of the Seminary, the financial assistance by the Procurator and the encouraging support of the Staff and Students of the Seminary and the Vidyāpīţham.