Teaching Assignments

Visiting Faculty in Marymatha Major Seminary, Trichur (2000-2001). Resident Lecturer in Marymatha Major Seminary, Trichur (2001-2003) Visiting Faculty in St. Joseph Seminary, Mangalore (2001-2003) Visiting Faculty in Jeevalaya Philosophy Institute, Bangalore (2001-2003). Resident Professor in Marymatha Major Seminary, Trichur (2006-2013). Visiting Faculty in Mangalapuzha Seminary, Aluva (2006-2013). Visiting Faculty in De Paul Philosophy College, Bangalore (2007-2020) Visiting Faculty in Niveditha, Institute for Theology for Sisters (2007-2013). Visiting Faculty in Missionary Orientation Centre (MOC), Kottayam (2013-2019) Visiting Faculty in Benedictine seminary, Kappadu, Kerala (2013-2020) Visiting Faculty in National University of Hoch Minh City, Vietnam for three years (2009-2012). Visiting Faculty in National University of Hanoi, Vietnam for three Years (2009-2012).

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