Home Day Celebrations

The home day and the rector’s day of the seminary were celebrated together on Thursday, November 4. The chief attraction of the home day was the new priests from the various dioceses They had been reached the seminary in the evening of the previous day and had a sharing session with the professors. In the morning there was the concelebration of the Holy Qurbana. Rev. Fr. Antony Koottumkal, from the diocese of Ramanathapuram, was the main celebrant. Rev. Fr. Lindo Kuttikadan, the vice rector of the seminary said the homily.

The official meeting of the home day was started in the auditorium at 10.30 am. Rev. Dn. Delby Thekkumpuram, the general prefect of the seminary welcomed all to the meeting. Rev. Fr. Rijo Mynattiparambil said a felicitation wishing everyone, especially Fr Rector. Bro. Anoop Kocheril also made a felicitation address to Fr. Rector on behalf of the entire community. Final year philosophy brothers blessed the occasion with a felicitation song. Rev. Fr. Kanniyakonil thanked all for the blessings and wishing.

After that there was the sharing session of the new priests. Each of them shared their sweet memories of the first year of their priestly ministry. Giving double sweetness to the occasion, Rev. Fr. Andrews Mekkattukunnel, the president of the Paurastya Vidhyapitham, published the new book prepared by the final year philosophy students named Prakrithiyude Madithattil.

After that there was the publication of the BIBLICAL DIARY of the year 2022. Individual champions of the seminary home day competitions were also awarded in the meeting. Bro. Jeswin Parayarumalayil, prefect of the philosophy section thanked all and the meeting was ended at 12.30 pm.