The gathering of the alumni of St Thomas Apostolic Seminary who are celebrating their Silver Jubilee is to be held on 16th November 2021 at the Seminary. The Jubilerians from the various dioceses and religious congregations will reach the seminary by 4 pm on 15 November 2021.The Silver Jubilee celebrations will begin by the Solemn Ramsa celebration in the Main Chapel of the seminary on November 15th 2021 at 6 pm. Following the supper, there will be a gathering of the priests and the staff of the Seminary and the jubilerians will share their memories and pastoral experiences and challenges to the staff of the Seminary. There will be Solemn Qurbana concelebrated by the Jubilerians and the staff of the seminary at 6 am on November 16, 2021. The diocesan gatherings will be at 8.45 am and at 10.30 am, the Jubilee gathering will begin at Cardinal Tisserant Hall. The meeting will end by 12.30 and the Jubilerians may continue to cherish their memories about the seminary and engage with brothers and staff. St Thomas Apostolic Seminary sends hearty congratulations to all the Jubilerians for living 25 years of their priesthood with utmost zeal and love for Christ and his Church. The Seminary appreciates your toil and witness for the Church. The Alma Mater is proud of you and cordially welcomes you all to the big event.



NB: Due to the COVID pandemic, we request your cooperation to keep the norms and protocol of restrictions so that the gathering and the formation program at the Seminary is not disturbed.